Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Creative Writing, but Something I've been Pondering

Sometimes we think God could not love us the way we are.  We think we need to make ourselves better before we can see him.  Striving after him, pulling up to him, hoping that what we have to offer is acceptable.  We think we are running to God, gaining ground toward him with each step.  Too often we try to tell ourselves and even God himself that we should not need his grace.  It's great that he offers it, but we should be able to get it right.  The idea is embedded in our culture - the American work ethic implies it, even the attitude of the church can point us this direction (or flat out beat us over the head with the map).  
The other day, it occurred to me to think about it in another way.  Even if we have the best of intentions, the mentality described above separates us from God.  We may think we are saying some thing perfectly kind. "Thanks, God.  You're awesome.  Now you've done enough and I got it from here.  You don't have to give me any more of your grace. I will make myself closer to you."  Yet, this attitude assumes that grace is only a thing, a possession that God hands out. We couldn't be more wrong.  Grace is so much a part of God's character that if if we try to sidestep the flow pouring out of him, we are not moving toward him, but away from him.   When we do not want to need the grace he gives, we do not just refuse a neatly wrapped package with a to from tag.  We refuse God himself.  

Here's a question to end with: Since God is Love, if we say we are worshiping God, but cannot believe that he will love us no matter what, are we even worshiping the right God?

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